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Car paint protection is the Lavado Automobile Detailing specialised service. There are a number of paint protection methods in the recent automotive industry. Ceramic coating is the most popular choice. In Lavado Detailing Lab we perform a full process to make sure your car gets the best results none second to any other detailing companies around.

When we get the car, we start with a detailed snow wash, then we do a clay bar treatment to remove any decontamination in the paint. Then we dried the car with the chemos drying method.

After that, we start to do the paint correction, which is several levels of cut and polish as the paint needed to make sure the paint surface is swirls and light scratches free more than 95% as it was before. Then we again wash the car to remove any dust from paint correction. Then we start to apply the ceramic coating for the exterior, which is one base layer and one top layer. All together we do a 2 layer coating. If you want to add more layers of layers to the car, please request from our team.

Keep your car looking new and shiny for as long as possible with ceramic coating paint protection services from Lavado Automobile. We’re incredibly passionate about car paint protection, employing various methods to ensure your car’s paint is protected from the elements and other environmental factors that can cause damage. We take immense pride in our work and are committed to providing our customers with a service that’s second to none. If you want the paint of your car to look great for years to come, we can be trusted to deliver protection that’s long-lasting and leaves you satisfied.

A Meticulous & Thorough Process

Our team of highly experienced technicians specialise in new car ceramic coating services. We use a meticulous and thorough process to deliver ceramic coatings of the highest quality. We’ll give your car a detailed wash and a clay bar treatment to remove decontamination in the paint before using the chamois drying method, leaving no moisture or residue behind.

After the car is completely dry, we move on to the paint correction process. This involves several levels of cut and polish, depending on the condition of the paint. Our goal is to ensure the paint surface is free of light scratches and swirls by at least 95%. Once the correction is complete, we’ll again wash the car to remove any dust or debris that may have accumulated during the process.

Finally, we move on to the ceramic coating application process. This involves applying one base layer and one top layer of ceramic coating for cars to the exterior, providing lasting protection against the elements and other environmental factors. If you require more than two layers of coating for your car, simply request this from our team and we’ll be happy to provide additional layers.

A GTECHNIQ Accredited Applicator

Lavado Automobile is an accredited applicator of GTECHNIQ. This means we’re authorised to use and apply these products to deliver the best ceramic coating and paint protection in Melbourne. You can rely on us to apply GTECHNIQ ceramic coating products correctly while being as informative and agreeable as possible.

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Make Lavado Automobile your first choice for car ceramic coating in Melbourne. Visit our contact page for more details about how you can get in touch with us to learn more about our ceramic paint protection in Melbourne or make a booking.

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