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Car Paint Correction in Melbourne

Do you want to maintain the appearance of your car? At Lavado Automobile, we offer car paint protection services that can remove imperfections from the surface of your car’s paintwork. This includes scratches, swirl marks and oxidation that can make your car look dull and aged, reducing its aesthetic appeal and lowering its resale price. Our technicians understand why it’s important to correct a car’s paintjob, which is why we offer a service that helps you achieve a flawless finish. You can trust us to use the latest tools and techniques to restore the shine and lustre of your car.

Our Paint Correction Services

Our paint correction in Melbourne involves several steps:
  • First, we thoroughly clean the exterior of your car, removing any dirt or debris that has accumulated on its surfaces. This makes it easier for us to identify imperfections that need to be corrected.
  • Our technicians then use specialised equipment to polish the paintwork. We have access to top quality polishing compounds that can remove any scratches or swirl marks from the surface of the paint. We’ll also remove any oxidation, restoring the shine and colour of your car.
  • Finally, we’ll apply a protective coating to the paint, preventing future damage and maintaining your car’s aesthetic appeal for longer.

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If you’re asking yourself “where can I find the best provider of car paint correction near me?”, you won’t be disappointed by what Lavado Automobile can do. Give us a call, submit an enquiry online or drop by anytime and we’ll happily answer any queries you have about our services.

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